Data feed best practice guide

Commission Factory requires product data feeds to be of a certain standard. Below is outlined the minimum requirements.

Product data feeds are an important part of the affiliate program toolkit. Having a good quality product feed opens up opportunities to diversify the advertiser’s affiliate mix by introducing new partners who may drive new customer acquisition and upper funnel marketing activity.

Publishers will look at the data in a product feed to draw conclusions and determine whether or not to show products to their user bases.​ You can find a user friendly table of the data feed fields required with explanations and examples of each in word document or excel version.

The mandatory fields required:
  • SKU/Product ID
  • Title (Product name)
  • Deeplink URL
  • Category
  • Currency
  • Price
  • Description 
  • Image URL

Other recommended files include:

  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Delivery Time
  • EAN
  • Features 
  • Promotional Text
  • Size
  • Stock Level
  • Was Price
  • Gender
  • Genre
  • ISBN Number
  • Keywords
  • Model Number

Quality control measures:

  • No more than 15% missing mandatory fields (eg. category, SKU, name, image urls). For example, if 16% products missing category, must be fixed prior to launching the data feed​
  • Categorisation must be in proper format (eg, not things like "sale"); cannot be missing or replaced with title or similar;
  • Price must match prices on site 
  • We do not allow manually uploaded data feed unless as a very last resort 
  • Currency needs to be separate field to price​
  • No tracking or redirects in urls​
  • No broken image urls (no more than 15% missing)​
  • Default image url should be at least 200x200, preferably white background, no text​

A more detailed overview of datafeeds can be found in the below manual.

Download the Data Feed Best Practice Guide