Advertiser Custom Reports

Alongside the preset reporting available to advertisers, you can also create custom reports. Custom reports sits under the "Reporting" menu.

Once in this section, select a date range and add at least one dimension column and one metric column to generate a report. The following four fields are required for the report to populate:

  • Name - Whatever name you wish to have for the report (eg. Monthly device report)
  • Date range - The dates of the data that will be output
  • Dimension - What type of report you are running (examples: device, browser, affiliate, traffic source,  and more). You can customise the name of the fields
  • Metric - these are the outputs that you want to see measured against (examples include clicks, conversions, commission and more). You can customise the name of the fields in the report if you like

In addition, you can optionally:

  • Filter - you can set a filter for your report on a number of different parameters
  • Schedule - You can set the report to be sent to an email address of your choice weekly or monthly on a day of your choice.

The report can be exported as CSV, JSON or XML.