CPA increase vs paid placement

What's the difference between a CPA increase and a paid placement?

Advertisers have a default CPA rate, which generally applies to all of the affiliates on your program. From time to time, there may be opportunities for placements or exposure with affiliates. In exchange for increased promotion on the affiliate's site, they may require an increased rate for the duration of the campaign. Often you can get better placements with a higher/competitive increase. A lot of our affiliates promote any upcoming opportunities via the Commission Factory Placement Marketplace.

CPA increases

Some placement opportunities require advertisers to increase their normal CPA rates for that specific affiliate over the duration of the placement. This marginal increase may be specified within the placement opportunity description. 

Flat fee bonus

In some cases, affiliates may require a one-off fee for the placement. This is often referred to as a placement/tenancy fee or paid placement. This means that rather than increasing the CPA rate in exchange for exposure, the advertiser is required to make a flat fee payment instead (or in addition to the CPA increase). These fees can be paid as bonus payment through the Commission Factory dashboard and will be charged to the advertiser in the next invoice.