Clickless prefix tracking for coupon creatives

Commission Factory technology allows for coupon tracking at scale with prefix coupon creative functionality.

Advertisers can track and attribute single-use coupons as exclusive to one publisher in bulk.

In order to do this, the advertiser must provide the range of codes with the same prefix and it cannot be the same prefix as codes that are given to other affiliates. The prefix just needs to be the same across the codebase.

Using this feature will allow full control of the attribution of commission for transactions with single use codes in the affiliate channel, aiding in developing strong relationships with key publishers

To set this up:

  • Let your account manager know you want this feature enabled (or contact
  • Once you have created the codes on your side and notified the publisher of these, go to the coupon creative section of your account:
    • Advertisers - creatives - coupons - add coupon
    • Instead of adding the full code to the coupon box, just add the prefix for the code (this should be the same across the assigned codes and unique to the publisher)
    • Assign the code to the specific affiliate and an option then appears to select "exact match" or "prefix match", select prefix match. Enter any other details as you normally would for the offer, so terms and conditions, for example, hit save.
    • Once the codes are live any transactions that are tracked with that prefix will track and attribute the sale to the affiliate you have assigned.
    • When this function is enabled for a program if you are adding a standard exclusive code, you would select "exact match"

As with any exclusive code campaign and tracking, the advertiser must be tracking the coupon code variable in order to set these up within the interface.