Clickless Codes

What they are, how to set them up and the benefits of using them.

What is a clickless code? 

 A clickless code is a unique coupon code assigned to an affiliate through the Commission Factory platform without the need for a formalised tracking link. This unique code can be added to checkout, without the user having to follow the traditional affiliate marketing route. For example, if a blogger is assigned a code: CF10, this code can be used at checkout without having to click through affiliate links and the blogger will be remunerated for this sale. Keep in mind, the code must be assigned to one specific affiliate in order for clickless codes to track correctly. 

How to set up a clickless code?

As an advertiser, this functionality is available to you pending you’re passing through coupon data from the conversion pixel. Not all shopping carts are compatible for this functionality, please check your shopping cart permits this, alternatively chat with your Commission Factory contact to discuss whether this is available through your shopping cart. Once you’ve logged onto your program, simply go to the Creatives section on the dashboard, click on Coupon under Creatives and click Add Coupon. After you’ve filled out the relevant details, including what the offer is, the date the coupon is valid for and terms & conditions, assign the coupon to the affiliate before clicking save. You can do this by typing the affiliate in the ‘Assign To’ field. Click on the affiliate name that you would like to assign the code to, and click save. 

Bear in mind if you click save without assigning the code to a specific affiliate, that code will be available to all affiliates as a default.

What’s the benefit of using a clickless code?

We often see customers influenced by content partners, but don’t immediately convert. When they do eventually convert, they may choose a new affiliate to interact with or choose to go direct, meaning the content site misses out on the sale. This is where Clickless codes are incredibly valuable as it ensures regardless of where the user goes, if the clickless code is added at checkout, they will be remunerated for this transaction. 

Running clickless codes is a strong, effective way to measure success with influencers, especially for influencers using only social media. Instagram prohibits influencers adding affiliate links to their Instagram posts. By providing a clickless code, you’re able to measure success on a performance base, without the need of an affiliate link.