Channel Performance Report

Learn how to use the Channel Performance Report in our Channel Attribution Reporting Suite

The Channel Performance Report shows current attributed revenue versus last click revenue by channel allowing marketers to have a top-level view of affiliate channel performance alongside other marketing channels. 

Current Attributed Revenue refers to the revenue assigned to a specific channel using Commission Factory’s Channel Attribution model. It divides a conversion among the different touchpoints and allocates a percentage based on each channel’s importance in the conversion process. 

Last Click Revenue is the revenue credited to a specific channel because it was the last channel through which a user clicked before making a conversion on the website.

The graph shows a visual representation comparing Current Attributed Revenue to Last Click Revenue for each Channel. This feature offers a snapshot of all the channels linked to your channel attribution reports for the selected dates. It enables users to assess whether a channel has either higher or lower attributed revenue compared to its performance under the last-click model.

The table below the graph displays attributed performance for the selected channel. This table provides a deeper dive by allowing the advertiser to examine the Taxonomies that make up the channel for the selected date range. These Taxonomies are unique to your data and help categorise it into meaningful groups for a more detailed analysis. For example, in this instance: Taxonomy 1 = Channel, Taxonomy 2 = Affiliate Type, Taxonomy 3 = Affiliate Name.

The table shows additional data such as Clicks, Last Click Sales, Last Click Revenue, Attributed Sales, and Attributed Revenue Variance (compared to Last Click Revenue). This report allows for a detailed analysis of each channel’s taxonomies, helping to understand their significance when comparing Current Attributed Revenue to Last Click Revenue. As a result, marketers may make strategic decisions around marketing spend and budget based on the comparisons between Current Attributed Revenue and Last Click Revenue. 

To learn more about the methodology of how Current Attributed Revenue is compiled and how Commission Factory calculates and assigns value to all touchpoints in cross-channel attribution reporting, please click here.