Automated advertiser communications

The campaign communication area allows you to create templates such as the welcome / acceptance email, affiliate decline messages and signature.

You can find this area here: Account - Campaign - Communications

Acceptance / Welcome Email

When an affiliate is approved by you or your team, they will receive an automatic email welcoming them to your program. This is a great time to reiterate why the affiliate should promote your brand or online store, as well as give them some quick tips or high converting offers and ideas to help get them started.

Decline and Permanent Decline Emails

When you decline an affiliate application to promote your brand or online store, they will receive an email and notification letting them know they have been unsuccessful in being accepted by your team. By default, Commission Factory will pre-populate a response, however you may choose to personalise this email to reflect your brand and goals of the channel.


In this section you can enter a signature that will be attached to all messages sent out from the message centre. This saves you time in adding your signature with your name and contact details with each message.