Breakdown of advertiser invoices

Your Commission Factory invoices will contain a breakdown of your monthly subscription fee, the commission payable to affiliates and the network override.  In most cases you will be billed twice monthly with the monthly fee only being included on the 1st of the month invoice however your billing frequency will depend on your invoice and payment terms

Commission Factory will invoice you (commissions + override) for all locked transactions . Invoices can be viewed in the Settings - Invoices section on your dashboard. Here you will be able to view all current and previous invoices as well as download a list of the transactions that pertain to each invoice. You can do this via the 3 dot menu to the right of every invoice.

Please note that invoices will only include locked transactions and depending on your validation period it may take an additional month for transactions to be billed once they are locked. (e.g. an invoice issued on the 1st of October will most likely have transactions from August, not September)

NB: Commission is what is paid to the affiliate per transaction. The Network Override is the fee agreed upon by the advertiser and Commission Factory that will be paid to Commission Factory based on each commissionable conversion. Please note, the override fee is charged on top of affiliate commissions.