Brand to Brand Partnerships

What is B2B, what are the benefits and how can this be done through the affiliate channel.

Brand2brand is a specialised concept that can be initiated and facilitated via the affiliate channel. It is a unique and distinctive type of campaign where participating brands are cross-promoting each other’s products and services.

Generally, one brand is the lead brand and the other(s) is the partner brand. When selecting an appropriate partner brand, the lead brand needs to consider targets, synergies, brand size and specific themes/narratives that can potentially tie the brands together.

A brand2brand campaign needs to be executed in a way that is beneficial to all businesses involved, with some benefits of running a campaign of the like listed below:

  • Increased sales revenue
  • Increased AOV
  • Increasing the lifetime value of the customer (post-purchase) 
  • New customer acquisition and tapping into new segments
  • Increasing overall brand awareness and reach

There are many ways that B2B campaigns can be executed; with the most common examples highlighted below:

  • Banners in emails and onsite
  • Running a joint/co-branded sale
  • GWP/additional gifts and incentives from the partner brand when shopping with the lead brand
  • Solus edms including each of the brands involved
  • Coupon codes from the co-brand(s) included in edms, printed and posted with delivery parcels etc sent out by the leading brand; or similarly having these unique offers/codes appear at checkout

The way in which B2B activity is carried out will vary depending on the brands involved, as well as the budgets and resources available. Above all, the participating brands’ fit and desire to cross-promote each other’s brands and the overall incentive behind each bespoke campaign is key to a successful brand2brand partnership. 

If you would like to explore this opportunity, get in touch with your account contact to discuss.