Big-commerce data feed guide

To create your data feed with Big Commerce shopping cart software you will need to login to your admin dashboard. From here simply navigate to the "Marketing" tab along the top and click on it to display the drop-down of marketing options.

From here click on "Shopping Comparison Sites" which should be (depending on software version) the third option down.

You will now be in the shopping comparison section and will be presented with four (4) options to choose from. The best method is to select the "" option by ticking the appropriate box. Click the "Save" button and a new tab will appear next to the "Choose Sites" tab called ""

Once in the tab you will have the option to regenerate the feed or download the file. Click the "Download Feed File" button which will then download your feed to your default downloads folder on your computer.

Double-check that the file is correct and is not missing any of the vital columns such as "Product Name", Product ID/SKU", "Price", "Product URL", "Image URL" and "Categories".

This method is, unfortunately, a manual process and will need to be done periodically by you to ensure your feed is always up to date.