Attribution report

Your attribution report contains a breakdown of your affiliates, and where they sit in the conversion funnel with your customers. Some affiliates may be more of an introducer, where as some affiliates may be more of a closer at the bottom of the funnel.

  • Introducer - The original introducer in the conversion path.
  • Influencer - This affiliate assisted mid-way through the conversion path.
  • Closer - This affiliate is the last affiliate in the conversion path, and the last referrer before the sale is made. As a last click model, this is where commissions are attributed. 

Date Ranges

To adjust the date range for the customers report, clicking into the field will give you common options such as Last Week or Last Month, or Custom where you can specify the date ranges you would like to search.                                                  

Filtering Customers

To filter your customers report, simply type in the affiliate you would like to narrow down and the system will match this to a record. Your visual graph will also change to reflect this search. You may also filter by type simply by clicking the Filter button and checking the affiliate types or groups in question.

How to use the report in Strategy planning

The Attribution report might show you which affiliates are sitting more at the introducer, and influencer stage but not able to close sales. For strategy purposes you might want to look at adjusting your commission rates, or provide additional assets like bespoke coupons, banners etc to these types of affiliates to help them close more sales and build their conversion potential.