Incentivising Publishers

Providing your publishers with incentives to promote your brand more should be considered on a regular basis to engage affiliates and keep activity and enthusiasm high. They can vary, and it is important to note that an increased commission is not the only method to do this.

Affiliate promotions can help incentivise affiliates to promote your brand from the moment they join a program, as well as a tool to re-engage existing partners. 

Much like managing a sales team each promotion is created with an end goal in mind, whether an increase in sales or affiliate promotion activity. 

Possible Ideas for Affiliate Incentives

  • Exclusive promotions for them to promote, for example a discount not available via any of your other marketing channels
  • Increased commission rate over a short time period
  • Early access to promote sales
  • Free product or store credit for reaching certain performance targets
  • Cash bonus or free products for reaching a certain range of milestones
  • Affiliate competition – each sale/conversion is equal to one entry to win a prize
  • Make your first sale and get $X
  • Reward the most improved affiliate performance (biggest percentage increase in sales from last month) with a manual bonus or increased commission for the next month
  • Manual bonus or competition entry for a blog post about your online store