Affiliate approvals

Affiliate Approvals

When an affiliate applies to your program they are showing an interest in promoting your products. It is important to keep up the momentum and process affiliate applications on a regular basis to ensure affiliates can get started shortly after applying to the program. 

Affiliate Approval Best Practice

  • Does the traffic source resolve correctly?
  • Does the website content match up with your vertical?
  • Has the affiliate categorised their website correctly?
  • Do they have a decent level of traffic, social media following etc.
  • Are they promoting by a permitted marketing method according to your terms and conditions?

If the answer is no to any of the above, feel free to decline the application or contact the affiliate for more detail.

Advertiser responsibilities:

  • Ensure you approve affiliates within 24-48 hours of application
  • Don’t be too quick to decline, Affiliate Country is not always an induction of their traffic source or quality of promotion. Some of Australia’s biggest affiliates are located in China, USA, Japan and other parts of the world.
  • Try to contact every Affiliate after approval with a personal introduction, show you have taken time to look at their website and ask if they need any assistance, creative or special requirements.