Advertiser FAQ: Integrations Marketplace

Learn more about the Integrations Marketplace from the advertiser's perspective.

What types of publishers are included in the Integrations Marketplace? 

Commission Factory has partnered with a number of innovative companies providing a range of technology, software and other services that aid in improving the eCommerce experience that your customers receive. You can now easily discover these partners (or "integration partners") via the Integrations Marketplace. The number of partners here will grow over time, but right now you can find companies that provide such services as shopping cart abandonment technology, retargeting, onsite conversion optimisation partners and more. 

Why are they called “integration partners”? 

This name is the umbrella term we've given to partners in the Integrations Marketplace that provide a technology or software to deliver the traffic, conversions or marketing channel they operate in. Often, they require additional integration to deliver this to advertisers. Instead of doing a direct integration with you, they integrate via the existing Commission Factory MasterTag to save time and resource. 

Which advertisers can use the Integrations Marketplace? 

All Commission Factory advertisers have access to the Integrations Marketplace. You must have the Commission Factory MasterTag integrated across your site to work with any partner that requires tracking integration. Some partners will have specific requirements to work with them depending on the service or technology they offer. This information is available on each partner's profile page. 

Am I eligible to work with all the partners in the Integrations Marketplace? 

You can find the eligibility criteria on each partner’s profile page. For some, there may be certain requirements, such as minimum monthly unique visitors. 

How can I integrate with Commission Factory’s MasterTag? 

Full information on the MasterTag can be found here: 

How many integration partners can I connect to? 

As many as you like. If there are multiple partners providing the same service or technology, you should consider comparing them and making a choice, or do a trial of more than one to see which works best for your brand.

How can I view reporting for these integration partners? 

One of the key benefits of expanding your reach using integration partners via Commission Factory, is the reporting is all available just like it is now, with your Commission Factory reporting suite. Both the fixed and custom reports can be configured to report on specific affiliates - in this case, integration partners. If any additional reporting is required, you can ask the partner if they provide any further insights. 

How do I disconnect from an integration partner? 

It is the same process as connecting to an integration partner.

  1. If you would like to disconnect, simply navigate back to the Integrations Marketplace ("Marketplace > Integrations") and find the partner you wish to disconnect from.
  2. Once you have found them, click 'View More' to visit their profile page.
  3. Click 'Disconnect' beneath their profile image.
  4. A pop-up will occur at the top of the page, prompting you to confirm your decision. Click 'OK' to proceed.

What are the benefits of working with these partners via Commission Factory? 

There are a number of benefits, including (but not limited to): 

  • Discover unique partnership opportunities 
  • Opportunity to generate increased revenue 
  • Save time and effort with the simple connection function via Commission Factory – no resource required on your side 
  • Integration is deployed immediately with instant reporting (in the case where no external setup is required to connect to the integration partner)
  • Track different integration partners / solutions in one place 
  • Cost effective partnerships on CPA basis or fixed fee model 
  • Commission Factory handles partner de-duplication, payment, billing etc.

Can I speak to the partner to get more information?  

Yes, Commission Factory encourages open and direct communication between partners. On the profile page, you can find all the contact information for the partner and you can also communicate with some via the Commission Factory Message Centre. 

How do I get started? 

Navigate to “Marketplace > Integrations” within your Commission Factory account and discover what partners are available and learn more about their offering before connecting with them. Visit our help desk page for more details -  How to use the integrations Marketplace.