Advertiser creatives report

Your creatives report lets you see which creatives or creative types are performing best. By default, your creatives report will be graphed against clicks, however to change this metric simply click on the dropdown box and select the applicable measurement.

Your graph can be measured against:

  • Clicks
  • Sale Value
  • AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Conversions
  • Conv. Rate (Conversion Rate, CR%)
  • Commission
  • Avg. Commission (Average Commission Per Sale)


Creatives can be tracked and measured across:

  • Banner
  • Text / Deep Links
  • Data Feed
  • Email Creative
  • Coupon
  • Promotion
  • Video
  • Widget / Dynamic

Date Ranges

To adjust the date range for the creatives report, clicking into the field will give you common options such as Last Week or Last Month, or Custom where you can specify the date ranges you would like to search.


Filtering Creatives

To filter your creatives report, simply type in the location you would like to narrow down and the system will match this to a record. Your visual graph will also change to reflect this search. You can also filter by type by clicking Filter and checking the applicable types.