Advertiser account suspension

The two main reasons why an advertiser account is suspended is tracking/website downtime or non-payment.

Suspension for non-tracking:
1.) Our team will get in touch with you if we believe tracking is no longer in place or your website is down. If you are unable to fix the tracking or website issue within 48 hours your account will be temporarily paused until confirmation of tracking success is confirmed. Affiliates will be notified of any tracking issues. The sooner you confirm the tracking is in place and working correctly the shorter the account pause. Please note you will need to place test orders to confirm.

Suspension for non-payment:
2.) Advertisers are given a number of reminders about payment arrears both from our finance department and your assigned account contact. You will be given a deadline for account suspension if payment arrears continues with no adequate reason for the delay. This will usually occur around 14 days once an invoice is overdue and your affiliates will also be notified of a possible account suspension due to non-payment so they have some time to remove or replace campaign activity. If the deadline is missed and your account suspended, the tracking links will not redirect to your website, they will return a 404 error. So it is in the best interests of your customers and your affiliates to ensure that payments are made on time to avoid any such negative action.

If an advertiser account is suspended for a long time period with no action taken to fix tracking or make outstanding payments we may make the decision to permanently close off the account. Any non-payment will be referred for debt collection after a certain amount of time has passed.