Adding unique IDs or Sub IDs

Publisher Guide for adding Unique IDs.

Unique IDs can be added to any affiliate link when using banners, coupons, dynamic tools, videos, or text links. For other creatives (like a data feed link), you can add one manually by appending


to the end of the URL, where 


is the ID you want to use. 

Note: this works like any normal query string parameter - if there are other parameters present, you will need to append it as


rather than using a question mark.

Where are Unique IDs visible in the dashboard?

Under Transactions, there is a column dedicated to the Unique ID values that you have used with your creatives. If you export the transactions table, then the column will be called UniqueId in the exported file. You can also click the three dot icon next to any individual transaction to see more information (including the Unique ID, if present).

Unique IDs in Custom Reporting

Unique IDs can be selected as a filter for any reports that are created or scheduled. 

Example of a Unique ID on an affiliate link

Unique IDs in third party tracking

If you use third-party tracking and would like the Unique ID included, then you can use the [UniqueId] shortcode as required.