Using the message centre

How to compose, view, draft and schedule messages to affiliates.

The message centre is much like your email inbox, advertisers and affiliates can contact each other directly to organise promotions, collaborations or ask questions on their business.

To access your message centre, simply click on the envelope icon towards the upper right-hand side of your dashboard. This will then take you through to your message centre for communication.


Sending A Message

To send a message to an advertiser or affiliate on the Commission Factory platform, simply click on + New Message and like creating an email you will be asked to specify who the message is being directed to, the subject, and the body of the message. Simply start typing in the To: field and the platform will automatically start seeking matches to your search term. To select the correct receiver, simply click on their name. The ‘To’ field can be populated with any affiliate or advertiser otherwise, you can message all your approved affiliates by typing “all affiliates” or other specific groups that you have created on your program.

  • Affiliates - You may only message advertisers which have approved your application to promote their brand and / or online store. If you wish to message an advertiser who has not accepted your application, you can send them an enquiry from the profile page where you submitted your application. 
  • Advertisers - You may only message affiliates joined to your program. If you wish to message an affiliate who has not yet joined your program, you may do so via the affiliate directory of the affiliate's profile page.

Receiving Messages & Housekeeping

Messages that you receive from advertisers or affiliates on the Commission Factory platform will also be pushed out to your nominated email address if this notification option is selected. From within your message centre, you have the ability to reply, forward, or delete messages that you receive.

It is recommended to keep on top of your message centre, as allowing messages to compile too much may create a cluttered inbox and you could miss important messages or updates. It is recommended to clean your message centre at least once a week to ensure new messages are not missed.

Bulk Messaging

To bulk message your pool of advertisers or affiliates, simply typing in All into the To: field. This can be useful if you have an important update to send out to your network. Perhaps consider sending weekly or fortnightly messages to all of your affiliates so they are aware of upcoming offers and promotions or new creatives. 


Drafting messages:

Once a message has been composed, you may save as a draft which will then be accessible via the Draft tab in the message centre. Select a draft and click “edit” to update or send.


Scheduling messages:

To schedule message dispatch, specify a time and date you wish the message to be sent. Times are all set to AEST, so please keep that in mind when scheduling a message from another time zone.


Preview messages:

Before sending any message, you are able to send a test/preview message where you will be asked to enter in an email address. The preview email will be sent directly to this email address for final checks before sending the message to relevant recipients.