How to identify potential compliance issues?

When monitoring your affiliates’ performance, there are several warning signs that indicate you should further investigate for potential compliance breaches.

The first thing to look for is a rapid increase in affiliate’s performance. If an affiliate suddenly jumps from no sales to a hundred in a day, that is a sign to investigate their website, contact them, and try to figure out how exactly they drove those sales. 

Another warning sign is a conversion ratio above your program average. If most of your affiliates are converting 2% of the time but one is converting at 8%, it can be a fairly strong indicator that they are trademark bidding. Conversely, very low conversion rates are often a sign of cookie-stuffing. 

In addition to monitoring the metrics, it’s helpful to have regular conversations with your top affiliates in order to keep track of how they are driving traffic.  Create a routine to regularly check the your account  for any new performing affiliate that you may not be familiar with.