Making changes to your commission rate

Reducing a commission rate can make your program less attractive to affiliates. We recommend you discuss any decreases with your Commission factory contact so we can advise on best practices. 

If you are planning on reducing your default commission rate, you will need to follow the below process:

  1. get in touch with your account contact at Commission Factory to inform them of the changes you are wanting to implement. Your account contact will be able to help with setting up new commission rates where necessary
  2. you will need to give 7 days' notice to the affiliates with a program-wide notification through the message centre (it's worth reaching out to your top affiliates separately in addition to the program-wide announcement)

You won't need to give 7 days' notice for any commission increases, but ensure to communicate these to all affiliates (if it's program-wide) or to the specific affiliate this applies to (if it's an individual increase).