Recruiting affiliates

As an affiliate network, we provide an established pool of affiliates who can at any time decide to join and promote your affiliate program. In addition our Publisher development team are dedicated to approaching new affiliates for our advertisers to partner with.


It is important that you also recruit affiliates for your program and approach websites or bloggers that you think could work well within your vertical or niche.


Affiliate Sign Up Pages are the simplest and yet most underused affiliate recruitment tool there is. When you consider that affiliates are internet savvy people it's not a surprise to expect that they are also online shoppers. If they buy from you or they get great service, having an affiliate sign up page on your website is the best way to let them know they can make money promoting a store they already like.

Click here to download a copy of our Affiliate Sign Up Page Guideline. It includes a sample page so you can see the most effective way to style your sign up page.


Be social  - If using twitter use #Affiliate in your tweets or #AffiliateMarketing when making announcements. You can also use these channels to market your program to existing customers whom already follow/like you and may be interested in promoting you further.


Thinking outside the box is another way to recruit some unique affiliates or sites. For example if your online store sells international soda's and confectionery in Australia, then you might be able to expect that getting your banner or products on an American Expat blog could produce a great deal of sales or new customers.