Navigating your advertiser dashboard

The below is an overview of the main areas of the advertiser dashboard. Please note, each section has its own support articles which details further information on specific areas and functions.



The report area of your dashboard shows in-depth and insightful data measured against sales, affiliates, creatives, customers, traffic and channel attribution. This helps you keep track of your activity and affiliate's performance, and can be pivoted by factors such as clicks, impressions, commission and conversion rate.



Your approved affiliates can be accessed from your affiliates area on your advertiser dashboard. This area allows you to manage your affiliate applications, view their individual profiles, assign affiliate groups and go through the complete affiliate directory.



The creative area of your dashboard is where you can upload banners, promotions, coupon codes, email templates, videos and image libraries. These will be used by your approved affiliates to promote your brand.



This area shows all of your transactions or sales that have been driven by affiliates promoting your brand, and gives you an overview of pending, void, locked, overdue, paid and approved commissions. 



The payment area shows your account balance, debits and credits against your account. A visual graph is also included to see how your account has been performing, and how this is affecting your account balance and payments.



This area contains options to create and modify your program settings, such as dashboard branding, terms and restrictions, tracking rules and creating your own branded signup page.



Your account area includes your payment settings, login credentials and user accounts, permission settings, invoices and notification settings.