How to schedule custom reports

This article teaches affiliates how to schedule custom reports in the dashboard.

What are scheduled custom reports? 

A scheduled custom report is a report that is created by the affiliate and is automatically sent to their preferred email address on a weekly or monthly basis. 

How to schedule a custom report

Scheduling custom reports can be done by going to Reporting > Custom

Affiliates can schedule a report when in the process of creating a new custom report. Simply click Add New at the top right-hand side, and click the dropdown box underneath the Schedule subheading. The dropdown will show the options Weekly and Monthly. By choosing Weekly, affiliates can choose the specific day of the week they would like to receive the report. If Monthly is chosen, affiliates can choose the specific date they would like to receive the report. Once appointed, the affiliate must enter a recipient email address they would like the custom report to be sent to. Once entered, press Save report

Affiliates can also edit existing custom reports to schedule or reschedule them by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of a report. This will give the option to either View, Edit or Delete the report, please select Edit. This will open the Edit custom report page where affiliates can select the dropdown box underneath the Schedule subheading and follow the prompts. Once finished, press Save report


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