Creatives Best Practice

Regularly review the creatives menu to ensure up-to-date creatives are available for your affiliates to use. This includes coupons, data feeds, videos and image libraries.


  • Ensure a range of at least 6 sizes has been made available. You can find all the supported sizes and most commonly used listed here.  A high performing program will have a set of branded banners, plus a seasonal or promotion group, which are rotated.
  • Consider creating banners specific to different categories of your website. Also, try including a special offer or promotion to encourage click-through.
  • Utilise animated GIFs rather than flash banners
  • Ensure a strong call to action on all banners
  • Respond to and supply affiliates with requested banner creative where possible

Coupons and promotions: full best practice guide for coupons

  • Ensure you are passing back coupon information within the tracking pixel
  • Always insert expiry dates and terms and conditions
  • Remove old and outdated creatives monthly
  • Assign exclusive coupons and promotions to affiliates for extra promotion


  • Datafeeds should always be up-to-date and should include as much data as possible about your products. Please see our data feed guide for more detailed information.
  • Check the datafeed processing area for errors and update where necessary
  • Consider adding in additional datafeeds for best sellers or sale items if your product range is particularly large


  • Consider uploading innovative creatives for affiliates to use, such as search bars, widgets, embeddable forms and product displays.
  • Widgets are often utilised in the travel industry. Specifically, search forms are a commonly used creative.


  • Advertisers can provide affiliates with video creatives to embed and promote on their site. These video creatives will automatically contain tracking data for affiliates, meaning any customers that click through the video can convert. 
  • The video creative can be customised including button colour and button text (call to action)
  • You might consider providing your TVC as adverts to affiliates or other informational videos


  • The library creative menu is a very versatile storage area for any non standard or additional tools to give your affiliates. You can add the following file formats to this area:
    • Matroska Audio
    • MP3 Audio
    • MP4 Audio
    • OGG Audio
    • Windows Media Audio
    • Text File
    • Word Document
    • GIF Image
    • JPEG Image
    • PNG Image
    • OpenDocument Presentation
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Excel Spreadsheet
    • OpenDocument Graphics
    • OpenDocument Spreadsheet
    • Matroska Video
    • MP4 Video
    • OGG Video
    • QuickTime Video
    • WebM Video
    • Windows Media Video
    • PDF Document
  • 100MB maximum file size
  • Image libraries are important for bloggers, so if you are looking to attract this type of affiliate make sure you make lifestyle images available in this section.
  • We also recommend adding high res logos that can be resized as required plus any special banner sizes that may not be standard