Commission reversals

It is important to implement a validation process for your transactions. This must be done within the validation period otherwise all transactions are payable once they are locked. If you have a high rate of customer returns then it is important to ensure you have this in place. 

Some of the reasons we have provided for voiding a sale can be found below and are standard options which must be selected when voiding a transaction so the affiliate knows why a commission was reversed or voided:

  • Cancelled Order
  • Compliance Breach
  • Fraudulent Transaction
  • Order Non Fulfilment 
  • Payment Authorisation Failed
  • Repeated/Duplicate Order
  • Returned Order/Unclaimed Shipment
  • Self-Referral
  • Test Purchase

You will be able to void an order within your program’s chosen validation period, with the most common period a 30 day window - ideally this period should mirror your returns policy. When voiding an order, you must also provide a reason as to why you’re voiding it from the above list of options that will appear in a drop-down menu on the dashboard, so the affected affiliate can be made aware.  After the validation period has passed, any order that is still pending and that hasn’t been voided will be automatically marked as locked to be ready to be billed in the next payment cycle.