Commission Factory calendar

The calendar is a useful tool to help keep track of tasks or events. You may choose to set yourself or your team members a reminder to action a request, refresh a creative or check the statistics of a campaign that has just ended.

To access your calendar, simply click on your calendar icon located towards the upper right-hand side of your dashboard. This will then slide out your calendar for perusal.

Adding an event to your calendar allows you to keep track of collaborations or campaigns that may be organised between advertisers and affiliates. To add a new event, simply click Add Event, provide details of the event such as start and end dates, and then click create event.


To add a task to your calendar, simply click on Add Task, enter details of the task including the due date, and click create task. When creating a task, the Commission Factory platform will alert you of upcoming tasks that are due, as well as tasks due today appearing in your Things To Do section of your home dashboard.